52 Weeks 52 Meats

One Sunday morning, on the way to our weekly markets, we felt like getting bacon for breakfast. At the butcher’s stand, we bought the bacon and happened to see goat leg on sale. I have cooked goat once before and thought it would be a great chance to buy it again as it was so tasty. That night (after having bacon for breakfast!) I searched the internet for goat recipes. However, on each webpage I looked, had the goal of masking the goat’s flavour by cooking it in a curry or something overpowering. I wanted to be able to taste the goat, so I roasted it with a few simple spices. After dinner, I wondered to myself what other meats we could buy, as not many people we know eat goat regularly. So just for fun, Daryl and I wrote a list of all the different meats we could think of. Then the idea came to me – that we should try a different type meat for one meal each week, for an entire year. Hence, 52 weeks, 52 meats.