Hi there! My name is Meagan. I love food, have many chronic illnesses, and spend most of my free time in the kitchen. I have a passion for fresh, sustainable food and creating recipes that taste delicious and make you feel great. I’m so glad you are here!

About My Nourishing Home

I started this webpage in 2016. Initially, it was a place to document my adventure of eating a different type of meat each week for 52 weeks. Over time, that evolved to what it is now. A place for sharing recipes, and how I have overcome many of my illnesses through food. My goal is to help you get into your kitchen, to explore the food you have and are already familiar with, and to explore new possibilities. My recipes are entirely grain free, free of refined sugars, and with limited dairy (or have easy adaptions).


For years, my friends and family have suggested I write a cookbook or to start a blog, and here I am. I first set up my Facebook and Instagram pages to document the different meats I ate over the course of a year. I started this webpage at the same time, however I neglected it for a few months because honestly, I have never thought of myself as a writer. I didn’t record the recipes I created because it was different each time I made them, and I tended to throw ingredients in on a whim. Creating this website forced me to think of the recipes I was creating and to record the ingredients – and that’s a great thing because now I can share!


On this blog (and if you follow me on social media), you will find recipes created by me, products I use and recommend in my home, how to guides, and I also share little bits about my ever-expanding garden, home life, and of course, my cats.


About Me

I’m 24 years old and a wife to my incredibly supportive husband, Daryl. We live together in Brisbane, Australian, own two cats, and have a small flock of chickens. I’m a nanny by trade and Daryl is an electrician – who has built and created so many things around our home and garden! I’m a self-trained cook and I have a passion for food – both cooking and eating it!

After being diagnosed with coeliac disease when I was in my late teens, I obviously needed to change my diet. I was eating a fairly healthy and standard diet – I was just beginning to make my own pasta, broths, and was starting to teach myself how to cook with the advent of Pinterest. I first removed gluten from my diet and felt immensely better. Both Daryl and I lost weight (even when we weren’t trying) and we tended to have more energy during the day. After a few months, I was feeling much better, but still not feeling 100%. A few of the food blogs I was following were talking about almond flour and grain free baking. So I started experimenting using alternative flours, and eventually this evolved to us eating a grain free diet.

You could say we eat a paleo inspired diet, but I don’t like conformity – we simply eliminated the most inflammatory foods, and ate food that would nourish our bodies (and minds!) the most.