Meagan and Daryl are wellness advocates who have overcome health hurdles to live a life of vitality and purpose. They have a passion to change people’s lives and have shared their wellness message with hundreds of people. We’re so glad you are here!

About My Nourishing Home

I (Meagan) started this webpage in 2016. Initially, I set up my Facebook and Instagram pages as a place to document my adventure of eating a different type of meat each week for 52 weeks. Over time, that evolved to what it is now. A place for sharing recipes, and how I have overcome many of my health issues through a holistic lifestyle. My recipes are entirely grain free, free of refined sugars, and with limited dairy (or have easy adaptions). My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills so you can lead your natural health and wellness lifestyle.

About Me

I’m 24 years old and a wife to my incredibly supportive husband, Daryl. We live together in Brisbane, Australia, own two cats, and have a small flock of chickens (with the occasional foster kitten or three thrown in). I’m a nanny by trade and Daryl an electrician – but we now own and work full time in our business teaching people about essential oils!

I found myself in my late teens having no energy, skin problems, gut issues, constantly sick and tired, and countless autoimmune diseases. To make matters worse, I was told by doctors and specialists numerous time that it was all in my head and that food had nothing to do with it; and here, take some prescription medication while you’re at it. I was eating a fairly healthy and standard diet – I was just beginning to make my own pasta, broths, and was starting to teach myself how to cook with the advent of Pinterest. I started to heavily research food and the effect it has on our bodies. We ditched gluten, dairy, grains, and processed sugar and I can say, that changed our lives. We simply eliminated the most inflammatory foods, and ate food that would nourish our bodies (and minds!) the most. Both Daryl and I lost weight (even when we weren’t trying) and we tended to have more energy during the day. I didn’t know how sick I was until I was getting better!


After eating like this for a few years it seems like I was at a plateau. I was feeling good, but I wasn’t feeling great. I was since diagnosed as having a brain disorder I have unknowingly had since I was young. I took a leap of faith, after hearing about essential oils a few years prior, and I introduced them into our lives. My goodness, I was not prepared for what came next. Health issues no longer a concern, travelling across the world, quitting jobs, huge personal breakthroughs, and the list goes on. Fast forward to now and we have shared our wellness journey with hundreds of people. We have changed our lives, and we have the best ‘jobs’ ever by empowering others. Our healing journey is forever unfolding, and I hope by sharing, you will be inspired to live a full, enlightened life!


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