How I cleaned my home with my nose

I want to share something with you. Yesterday I did a little spring cleaning. And that involved letting go of a lot of things from my childhood that previously I had a hard time letting go of. I always think to myself… “I could use that someday!” or “what a waste.. I spent so much money on that” or the best one “_____ (insert aunt/grandmother/friend/etc) bought this for me. I can’t possibly throw this away.” I also tend to have a really hard time staying on track and I often think that it’s all too much. So I thought to myself.. surely there’s an oil for that.


I looked in my Essential Oils and Emotions book for oils that could help me in that process. I needed something that would keep me centred and to stay on track. After flicking through the pages, and looking in the back for some of the emotions I was experiencing, I settled on Balance (grounding blend), Forgive (renewing blend), and Lemongrass. Can I just say.. WOW what a day of cleaning and purging! I was truly amazed by my progress and how easy it was to simply let go of things.

Let’s talk about the oils, shall we?


Balance is made primarily of trees. And what do trees do? They live in the present moment. They are not in a hurry. Balance is great if you have difficulties settling down and for a need to reconnect with your roots for times of excessive thinking. Balance reminds individuals that to realise their true dreams and desires, they must stay focused on a goal until it is actualised in the physical world.

Forgive. For me, I needed to forgive myself. I needed to appreciate that certain things brought joy and a purpose to my life previously, but they are no longer serving me. I needed to forgive, let go, and move on. There’s a saying that once you forgive others, you can set yourself free…

Lemongrass is known as the oil of cleansing. Not just physically (lemongrass is amazing for the skin and also as an all purpose cleaner), but also emotionally. Lemongrass assists individuals to enter a healing mode and cleansing state. Once in this state, you are able to easily let go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies, and negativity. Lemongrass teaches individuals to move forward without hesitation and asks them to commit to a healing path where change is a regular occurrence.


Want to try this for yourself? Please contact me. I would love to hear from you! For more info head here.

Just for the record, I threw a minimal amount in the actual bin. A lot was donated, but surprisingly, most went into the recycling bin (oh the amount of paperwork I went through!). How do you deal with cleaning up and decluttering? Have any secret tips I should know about?

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