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So you have your oils, now what? What do you do with them? How do you use them? Hopefully you have some support from the person who enrolled you, or someone else in your team. Here I will list some of the places where you can get sample bottles, reference books, the best phone apps, and other tools and resources I have found to be ‘essential’ on my essential oil journey. It can be overwhelming when you first start, but I hope you are able to reference back to this whenever you need something (so make sure you bookmark it!). If you find something you feel would be a great addition to this page, I would love it if you contact me or comment on this post.

The most important thing, in my opinion, is a reference book. Please contact me if you’re on my team as I have a special deal (and savings!) for you. I recommend The Essential Life or Modern Essentials. They are very similar books, and you don’t need both. The Essential Life is my personal preference as it’s laid out nicely and is more stylish. Modern Essentials is more like a textbook. Great if you are into the science, but I tend to always lean towards The Essential Life if I need to look something up. The Essential Life has a section in the front where you can look up ailments, and then refers you to sections in the back for recipes, how to use the oils, and quantities. There’s sections on pets, kids, pregnancy, brain, hormones, kitchen, and so much more!

The other main book I recommend (and use most days!) is the Emotions and Essential Oils book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the emotional component of essential oils and I believe this is a must have book for everyone to explore and experiment with.

All three books (and many others including a pet book, pregnancy book, and other books I have in my library), are available from AromaTools and/or Oil Life.

In your welcome pack from dōTERRA, you would have received cap stickers for your oils. If they aren’t already on top of your oils bottles, put them on now! Not only are they pretty, but is beneficial when you put your oils in a box and don’t know which one is which. They are also excellent for placing on sample bottle lids you make up to share with your friends and family. You can find these cap stickers in your dōTERRA store under essential oils, then accessories. You will also find Fractionated Coconut Oil, Veggie Caps for taking your oils internally, and the Petal Diffuser if you didn’t get one in your first order, and also key chains so you can take small amounts of oils with you on the go! They’re also great for storing sample bottles in and as gifts. They come with 8 empty 2mL sample bottles.

While you’re out-and-about, it’s often impractical to haul your reference books around with you! This is where apps are useful. The first one is the Modern Essentials app. It’s like a mini reference book. You can search oils and see how they can help you, or you can search ailments to find what oil/s can support your body. There’s even a section with DIY recipes! Apple | Android






The next is Essential Emotions which is basically the Emotions and Essential Oils book in mini form. Apple | Android








Another useful app is the Daily Drop app produced by dōTERRA. It’s a fun app with short educational videos and oil challenges. There’s also a ‘Determine Your Mood Matrix’ where you rank your current emotional state on a scale of 0-5 on differing questions. It then suggests oils and provides videos to improve your overall emotional wellness. Apple | Android






The next is bottles. Bottles of all kinds are available for your use. From sample bottles to share, to roller bottles for you to make your own blends. I use 1mL for my sample bottles – these fit approximately 25-30 drops, depending on the oils. I normally put 8-10 drops in for samples. Speaking of samples, did you know dōTERRA have samples of the Ice Blue rub, On Guard toothpaste, and their shampoo and conditioner available? You’ll find these in the US warehouse.

I go through a lot of roller bottles. I use 10mL for most of my blends, but occasionally 5mL, and also 2mL if I want to try something out. I also use 1mL or 2mL for little sample rollers.

You may also want spray bottles to make your own cleaning supplies. Dropper tops are especially helpful for thicker oils like Vetiver that tend to take a while to drop from the bottle. These droppers fit on the top of the existing oil bottle. There is also roller top inserts that fit into your 5mL and 15mL bottles. Another thing which I find useful are pipettes. I use these to transfer oils from dōTERRA’s existing roller bottles such as InTune.

I really cannot recommend eBay, as the quality just doesn’t compare. I source mine from various sources such as AromaTools, Oil Life, Oils for Life, Aussie Soap Supplies, and Centaur Packaging – it just comes down to bulk pricing for me.

To purchase raw materials such as cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, shea butter, Epsom salts, and so forth, I use Aussie Soap Supplies, and Centaur Packing as a general source. I also source from local shops such as Flannery’s, Market Organics and local farmer’s markets.

To display your oils, either at home, or something to keep them in whilst out and about, there are boxes, wall displays, soft purses, handbags, and so on. They are available at AromaTools and Oil Life, and also have a look at your dōTERRA back office!


Finally, some websites and Facebook pages that may interest you:

dōTERRA webpage. I’m constantly amazed at what is available here! Essential oil information, videos, resources, it never ends. Have a look under the tab ‘Our Advocates’
Empowered Life Series. Series of eductional videos of differing subjects. Past topics have included immune and respiratory health, digestive health, oils for guys, fitness and weight management, and mood and emotional health. There’s a new one every month!
dōTERRA blog. DIY beauty, cleaning, food recipes
dōTERRA YouTube channel. There’s basically a video for anything! Products, education, culture…
Introduction to the dōTERRA lifestyle video. Scroll down and explore for further videos and education
dōTERRA Australia news. Find Australia specific news and information
dōTERRA Facebook
dōTERRA Australia Facebook
Essential oil science. Non-brand specific science research and education,

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